You *Can* Pivot to a Totally New Career—Briogeo Founder Nancy Twine Is Proof

With a firm handshake, say hello to Business of Beauty—an exclusive, inside look at the incomparable journeys of entrepreneurs of color in the beauty industry. This series is anything but business as usual. It’s a raw, honest look at the unique and often overlooked challenges that people of color face when starting their own beauty brands. Each founder will reveal the biggest hurdles they’ve overcome, their internal struggles, and their deepest thoughts about what needs to change in the beauty industry (and the world, really) to make it a more inclusive space for everyone. This time around, we’re getting to know Nancy Twine, the founder of Briogeo. Twine started her career in finance but, with an entrepreneurial spirit, pivoted to create something completely different—her own haircare brand with a nontoxic ethos. Twine talks about the challenges she faced, her new podcast, and how we can truly create a more inclusive beauty space.

Briogeo founder Nancy Twine

(Image credit: Nancy Twine, Briogeo)

If you’re a haircare enthusiast, chances are you already know and love Briogeo founder Nancy Twine. However, this may be the first time some of you are hearing her name simply because she spent over a decade out of the public eye quietly building up a brand—until recently. Twine is now shifting gears and offering up more insight into her entrepreneurship journey with Makers Mindset, a podcast dedicated to creating a space for other women who are visionaries in the industry—a place to tell their real stories. Twine doesn’t just want to paint a simple and easy picture of entrepreneurship, though. The more I spoke to her about her vision and ideas for the podcast, the more I realized how aligned we are in what we want to achieve. I started Business of Beauty because I wanted to have a deeper conversation with Black women founders about the unique challenges they’ve faced in their careers. Similarly, Twine doesn’t just want to gloss over the hard parts on Makers Mindset. She’s diving into everything from mental health and being a mother while running a business to pivoting to a totally new career with no previous experience. Twine is the perfect example of why you can succeed no matter your background. She proved it by leaving her first career in finance and starting a whole new one as a haircare entrepreneur.