White Dresses Are the Epitome of Elegance—13 Ways Chic Fashion People Are Wearing Theirs

White dresses are my absolute favourite thing to wear at any time of the year, but in summer, they feel even more special. There’s just something so crisp, classy, and elegant about a white dress that makes it incredibly appealing. While it, understandably, is a no-go for weddings, this is perhaps the reason why I choose to wear them so frequently otherwise, skirting my jeans and linen trousers in favour of their polish. And it looks like I’m not the only one doing so.

This week alone, I have seen countless white dress outfits crop up on my social media feeds. This is unsurprising given the recent spike in temperatures we’ve been experiencing, but it has served as a reminder of just how versatile a white dress can be. Below, I’ve charted some of my favourite white dress outfits of the summer so far, shopping out all the components you might need to re-create them as you go. That said, the beauty of a white dress lies in its simplicity, so the styling of said white dresses tends to be minimal too. Because of this, I would feel comfortable wagering that you already own many of the pieces you need to emulate these white dress outfits.