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Fortune’s annual CEO Initiative will take place Oct. 3, 2023, at the Park Hyatt in Washington, D.C. You can follow along virtually here. The livestream player will be added to this post the week of the event.

The last few years have shown us that agility, innovation, and empathy are key to successful modern leadership. In 2023, business leaders have been tested in new ways, as heightened expectations from all stakeholders have collided with an impending recession, ESG backlash, culture wars, mounting geopolitical tensions, and other headwinds. And there’s another challenge—and opportunity—facing leaders today: How to harness advances in technologies like artificial intelligence and the metaverse to build new products and create new business models?

It’s a pinnacle period for global business leaders. How are they rising to the occasion? How can they ensure a balanced approach to corporate profitability and empathetic leadership? There are no easy answers, but the Fortune CEO Initiative promises to tackle these issues head-on as we examine the role of business and leadership in a new age.

We’re taking a deep dive into these topics at our 2023 annual meeting:
–Maintaining focus on social outcomes in a tough economic environment while managing profits
–Generative AI and it’s game-changing impact on business
–Insights on implementing scope 3 successfully
–What can corporations do to minimize waste and increase biodiversity
–The pros and cons of experiments of scale
–How will the recession tip the scale from a candidate’s market to an employer’s market
–Aligning corporations, governments, and ESG

More information about the conference is available here.

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