The Row Shoes Are Pure Luxury—7 Pairs That Are Truly Worth the Investment

As Who What Wear UK editors you’ll often find us talking about high-low dressing. That combination of designer styles and affordable favourites that come together in perfect harmony to create a seriously chic and balanced look. We’re experts in deciphering the high street heroes that truly stand out, but as much as we can celebrate an affordable find, we’re also experts in the pieces that are worthy of investment. Enter, The Row shoes.

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What started as a mission to create the perfect white t-shirt soon became a global house leading the way in the era of quiet luxury. The Row has become an emblem of the movement towards logo-less styles that focus on timelessness and quality over all else. In the almost 18 years since its inception, the brand has created icons and cult favourites that have maintained their popularity over the seasons and years. What keeps the following of The Row so strong is that whilst on the more expensive side of the spectrum, the pieces return year after year into the fashion sphere. Not only does the quality of fabrication maintain over time, but the understated designs are primed to compliment outfits for decades to come.

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We’ve expressed our adoration of the Margaux bag, and sung the praises of The Row’s exquisite tailoring, but now we’re focusing on the footwear. For many high-designer brands, a great bag can be the making of them, but few are able to garner the same cult following in footwear. The Row, however, has achieved this. From Kendall Jenner to Jennifer Lawrence, The Row has become a go-to brand for celebrities and fashion people looking for a particular combination of timeless composition with a contemporary feel. It’s a hard feat to master, but one that the brand consistently delivers on.

In the shoe department, The Row has maintained its legacy as a leader in the minimalist space, revitalising our love of flip-flop sandals, cementing the return of the ballet flat, and even taking on the mesh shoe trend with its particular brand of elegance and ease. With clean lines, high-quality fabrications and classic colourways, each piece is primed to be consistently reached for in our wardrobes.

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Whilst we can make a case for all of The Row’s designs, there are a few that have garnered their own followings over the years, and now is as good as any to get straight into the best The Row shoes.


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Style Notes: After the platform styles of the ’90s, flip-flop sandals fell from prominence with the fashion space. That was until The Row brought them back. Featuring a leather strap and comfortable rubber sold, the brand redefined the flip-flop as the understated, relaxed sandal to be seen in through summer. You’ll find them styled with jeans, shorts, dresses, tailoring and more.

Shop the Ginza sandal:


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Style Notes: As we know, The Row does understated elegance better than most, and the Elastic Ballet Flats define this. Following the return to simplicity, the ballet flats have become an icon of the flat shoe revival with a dainty edge.