The Easy Hack I Use to Find High-End Home Decor on a Budget

Have you ever come across a gorgeous piece of furniture in an image on social media, dug around the original poster’s page to find the exact product link, only to find out it costs several times more than you’d ever dream of paying? This happens to me a lot. So much so that I began wondering if I was simply cursed with extremely expensive taste when it comes to home furnishings. However, instead of resigning myself to overpaying for everything I buy for my home, I learned a trick that has helped me find dupes for those expensive pieces I love for way cheaper prices. This hack has saved me literally hundreds of dollars on home decor and furniture, and now, I’m ready to break my silence. Keep reading to learn how I use reverse Google image search to find high-end home decor on a budget.

How Reverse Google Image Search Works

While a typical Google search involves typing a word or phrase into the search bar to pull up results, a reverse image search means you’re searching the image itself. So, if you find a photo of a room you love, you can search within the image to find products similar to those pictured. This works thanks to a handy little tool called Google Lens. According to Google, the Lens feature uses image recognition technology to identify items within the photo and search for similar products. When shopping for furniture and decor, you can easily search for the exact shape, color, material, or style you’re looking for without having to manually type it into your search bar. This is especially useful if you have a look you love but you’re not sure how to describe it in words.

To use Google Lens, you’ll need to be using Google Chrome as your browser. When you find an image you want to search—whether that’s a product image from a website or a beautifully styled photo on Pinterest—simply right-click on the photo (on mobile, press and hold to right-click), then hit “Search Image with Google.” This will pull up the Google Lens search function. From there, you can adjust which area of the image you want to search, then scroll through the results to find items with a similar look. You might just come across a dupe for a fraction of the price!

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reverse google image search hack the everygirl 1

And if you find an image you want to search while scrolling Instagram, good news: This hack also works with screenshots. Just pull up the main Google homepage and click the little icon that looks like a camera on the far right of the search bar. Then select the screenshot from your photo library (or drag and drop it in from your desktop) to search it with Google Lens.

I’m not kidding when I tell you I’ve saved an obscene amount of money using this hack. For example, when shopping for bedroom furniture, I fell in love with this mid-century-style dresser from West Elm, but the $1,400 price tag was a little steep for me. With my handy reverse Google image search hack, I found this nearly identical version on Wayfair for less than $500. The darker wood finish that I bought is now unfortunately out of stock, but I couldn’t be happier with how my purchase compares to the West Elm version. Everything from the size to the finish to the hardware design is nearly identical, and I’m so glad I saved that $1,000 to spend elsewhere.

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My coffee table is another example. I wanted something similar to this walnut piece from Rejuvenation—minus the $800 price tag. In just a few clicks, I came across this option from Amazon, which cost less than a quarter of the price for the same size, silhouette, and finish.

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Even if I’m not necessarily looking for a dupe, reverse Google image search is a great way to identify items within photos. So when I’m scrolling Instagram and need to know where that designer found that table lamp, I can find out even if product sources aren’t listed.

Reverse Google image search is truly my secret weapon when it comes to finding affordable home decor with the exact look I’m going for. So, to the developers at Google, allow me to express my sincere gratitude. My wallet will be forever thankful.

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