The Barrier Preventing You From Discovering Your Personal Style

Tell me a little bit about the process. Why did you think, “You know what, let’s put all this information together in a book.”?
I was staying at my cousin’s house and I was doing my FaceTime styling sessions in her guest bedroom. In between each session, she would run in and be like, “Okay, who was she?”

We would talk about each person and then at the end of the day, we kind of sat down and we were talking about the women that I had met that day. We were kind of analyzing them.

Maybe it’s crazy, but it was the first time that I was thinking about the clients on a larger scale. Of course, we all have individual struggles, but in talking to my cousin, I realized that there were almost prototypes that were emerging.

Even though the specific issues and the wardrobes were totally different, the prescriptions were kind of similar.

We all have different wardrobes and different struggles, but a lot of us don’t know our style or we know it, but we’re not confident to try.

Or we don’t understand how to dress for our body or what we perceive our body to look like. Or we don’t understand what we have in our wardrobe. Or we have shopping trauma.

There’s like all these little buckets and I feel like a lot of the solutions are similar, regardless of what your closet looks like.

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