Stop What You’re Doing—Armani’s Cult-Favorite Foundation Is On Sale RN

In the realm of designer makeup brands, there’s one you’ll find time and time again in celebrity makeup artists’ kits: Armani Beauty. That’s because Armani makes some of the most efficacious and long-wearing makeup out there. Their foundation is second to none (Kim Kardashian and Meghan Markle both reportedly wear it) and their other makeup products are just as good for creating flawless looks that work for every occasion. 

Of course, Armani makeup products are normally pretty spendy ($45 for a lipstick is nothing to sneeze at). While I fully endorse splurging on Armani products as investment products, I’m also all for a deal. Right now is the best time to buy Armani products, since from September 1 to September 6, Armani Beauty is 25% off sitewide. Keep reading for the best beauty products you can score from Armani during the sale. 

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