Sorry to My Black Flats—I’m Replacing You With This New Spring Shoe Trend

There’s a new footwear trend lighting up the streets of London, and its appeal is hard to ignore. All around us, fashion people are retiring their beloved black flats for shimmering silver styles ahead of spring, and it has been bringing a smile to my face on the daily.

With a light-catching quality, the emerging silver ballet flats trend imparts the brightness that the sun generally lacks at this time of year and offers a new way to add some dimension to a transitional outfit, without having to layer in bright, vivid colors. Silver as a whole has become the “cooler alternative” to gold, perhaps a pendulum swing to the gold obsession of the past few years. Now, we’re witnessing an offshoot in footwear form, and I’d argue the tone is even more wearable.

@deborabrosa styles silver flats

The charm of a silver flat shoe comes in its quiet versatility. Masquerading as a statement shoe, silver flats are actually far more wearable than they might appear. Not a far cry from the gray and white tones we’ve been styling for decades, this upgrade pairs just as well with the blacks, beiges, and denim shades that typically saturate our wardrobes.

jeannine.roxas styles silver flats with a silver mini dress and blazer.

Looking to give my wardrobe a timely spring refresh, I’m backing silver flats to get me through the season in comfort and style. Luckily for me, there are ample shopping options available on the market, too. From Reformation’s pretty take on a classic ballet flat to Mango’s mesh iteration, read on to discover our edit of the best silver flat shoes here.


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