Sofia Richie Wore the Elegant Dress Trend That Makes Every Outfit Look High-End

As the queen of quiet luxury moves further into her pregnancy, Sofia Richie’s styling shifts have been subtle yet impactful. Veering away from tailored two-pieces and high-rise jeans, the model is rejecting rigidity, and is instead adopting a rotation of luxurious fabrics in rich hues and comfortable cuts—which has left wanting to emulate her iconic style even more than before.

Speaking to this is an elegant yet casual outfit that Richie wore over the weekend in between appearances on the red carpet. Opting for a tonal outfit in espresso brown, the model wore the new-season colour trend that’s taking off this season. With a rich hue, the brown colour trend naturally imparts an elevated edge that’s not dissimilar from that achieved when styling dark black or deep emerald. Wearing the colour in the form of a relaxed, draping dress, Richie achieved an “undone elegance” that I’m determined to master.

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