Soffe Shorts, Who? Kendall Jenner Just Wore The Row-Like Style Replacing Them

I’m well aware that the fashion world operates in cycles, with trends often making a comeback sooner rather than later. However, I didn’t know that the shorts style I used to wear in my teenage years would come back this soon. Honestly, I’m a bit in shock. If you’re unsure of what I’m talking about, take a look at Kendall Jenner’s recent sporty-chic ensemble.

For her travel day in New York City, Jenner put together a laid-back yet sophisticated look, adding modern updates to everyday essentials. The highlight of her outfit? Her black athletic shorts. The moment I saw them, it instantly brought back memories of the classic Soffe shorts I used to adore during my middle school and summer camp days, especially how she rolled them up, reminiscent of what I used to do. While I had a hunch that the affordable, cotton shorts would return to fashion, I didn’t expect to see them on Jenner first. Nevertheless, her choice added a refined touch to this iconic style, exuding a high-end, The Row-inspired aura that she always effortlessly embodies.