Seahawks DT Byron Murphy calls it a "dream" to play for the team he grew up rooting for

Byron Murphy grew up 23 miles from AT&T Stadium. Most people outside his family that he knew in DeSoto were fans of the Cowboys and/or fans of Von Miller’s team — the Broncos, Rams or Bills.

Murphy, though, was a fan of the Seahawks.

“I know it sounds a little funny,” Murphy said Thursday, via Gregg Bell of the News Tribune. “I get the question a lot: ‘How come you didn’t like the Cowboys?’ But in my household everybody disliked the Cowboys for some reason.

“But, being a Seahawks fan just growing up, first, I just fell in love with the Legion of Boom, the guys, just the way they played on defense. Guys like Kam Chancellor, Bobby Wagner, Michael Bennett, all those guys, Richard Sherman. And just seeing how those guys play on defense, the way they just set the tone and go out there and just the way they play, that’s something I wanted to be a part of. “

The Cowboys haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1995, 6 1/2 years before Murphy was born. The Seahawks won their Super Bowl title when he was 11 1/2.

The defensive tackle now is a Seahawk, the first-round pick at that, and he’s determined to end Seattle’s Super Bowl title drought.

“That’s one of my goals. I’m trying to win games and bring a Super Bowl here, as well,” Murphy said.

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