Say Hello to Ôrəbella, Bella Hadid's New Fragrance Line That Editors Are Freaking Out Over

Orebella Fragrance Launch

As an editor who tests new fragrances on a weekly basis, I can say that I almost always experience a knee-jerk, love-it-or-hate it reaction. And truthfully, it’s usually the latter. (Supremely picky scent-lover, over here!) So, when I received Bella Hadid’s trio of new fragrances a few weeks ago in advance of the official launch, I was skeptical. Not only are most celebrity lines underwhelming, but there’s often a feeling of disconnect between the celebrity and the product itself.

Hadid’s new line Ôrəbella, however, is one of the few exceptions. In fact, every single thing about the launch oozes the model and activist’s approach to and preference when it comes to scent. Not to mention, after weeks of obsessively smelling and wearing each of the three perfumes—Salted Muse, Window2Soul, and Blooming Fire—I can confirm that there is not one weak link in the bunch. In fact, rather annoyingly, I’ve had trouble choosing a favorite or recommending just one to a colleague or friend; each medley of notes feels so carefully curated and perfect for a different type of mood and feeling. Trust me when I say you’re going to want all three geode-shaped bottles (an ode to Hadid’s mother’s vintage perfume collection) on your vanity this summer. Keep scrolling for every last detail about the launch—from the first-of-its-kind, alcohol-free and hydrating formula, to the brand’s charitable initiative via Ôrəbella’s Alchemy Foundation.

Orebella Blooming Fire

Behind Ôrəbella

Orebella Window2Soul

Catch a whiff of any of the three Ôrəbella scents, and you’ll smell a passion project that runs deeply personal for Hadid. Though the model has had a long-standing love for fragrance, a sensitivity to traditional alcohol-based perfumes inspired her to create completely unique, high-quality alternatives. Hadid began concocting her own essential oil blends, growing lavender, and even distilling oils herself on her family farm. Finding joy in the art of creating her own bespoke scents and witnessing the glowing feedback from family and friends spurred her path to creating and founding Ôrəbella.