Sage Green Is the Only Color Couples Can Agree on, According to This Viral Theory

Moving in with your significant other comes with all sorts of challenges. You have to find a space that meets both of your needs, work out logistical stuff like how to split living expenses, and just generally figure out how to co-exist in one space without annoying the crap out of each other. And then, once you’re unpacked and settled in, you also have to somehow merge your decorating styles to create a space that feels like home for both of you. As nearly anyone who has moved in with a partner will tell you, that’s easier said than done.

In fact, the difficulties of decorating with a partner are so universal that a phenomenon called the sage green theory recently went viral and is making anyone who’s had to compromise on a color palette feel seen. Read on for everything you need to know about the theory, plus some of our favorite sage green decor if you’re in a similar situation.

What Is the Sage Green Theory?

In a video originally posted in January of this year, TikTok user @averybrynn1 laid out her theory that sage green is the one color couples can agree on when decorating together. “There is a very specific situation that happens when you move in with somebody, specifically a boy,” the creator says in the video. “There will be a day—you will not see it coming—where you are trying so badly to make his Dallas Cowboys memorabilia go with your Serena & Lily decor. Inevitably, you are going to turn to sage green.” The theory clearly resonated with lots of people, judging by the video’s thousands of comments and the dozens of videos from other users showcasing their sage green decor against Avery’s original audio.

Although the idea that certain colors are assigned to a specific gender is obviously outdated, it can still be difficult to manage when you and your partner have diverse color preferences. If you’re stuck at an impasse, sage green can provide a safe middle ground. It’s one of those colors that’s not too dark, not too light, and so unobtrusive it’s almost a neutral. Plus, it’s a color often found in nature, so it’s naturally soothing and easy on the eyes. Other nature-inspired colors like blue or yellow and traditional neutrals like beige or white could also fit these criteria. However, it’s sage green that couples all across the internet can identify with.

sage green decor
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Sage Green Decor to Shop Now

If you’re tired of trying to compromise on decor with your S.O., the sage green theory might be the answer. This sage green decor is something everyone can agree on:

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