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Petty thief sacked from car dealership returned to steal four cars

An employee of a used car dealership in north east England who had been sacked for petty thieving returned at night with two accomplices and stole four cars.

During the course of the night vehicles worth almost £20,000 were stolen from Budget Car Centre in Stockton by Lee Scott and his pals, who burgled the office for keys and then drove each car away before getting a taxi back to the dealership to steal the next one.

CCTV cameras on a neighbouring business picked up Scott’s raids, which started at around 11pm and ended as he drove the fourth car away at around 7.30am.

Scott’s footprints were also found in the office by crime scene investigators, Teeside Crown Court was told last week.

The value of the cars and damage done to the office was around £20,000, the court was told.

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