People With Amazing Brows Say These Low-Cost Pencils Eclipse Expensive Ones

Like any other makeup product, the formulas in eyebrow pencils can make or break any makeup look (yes, even when it’s done by a pro with extensive knowledge). In addition to an affordable price point, shoppers should be on the lookout for eyebrow pencils with creamy, hydrating formulas that, when applied to the skin, glide effortlessly over it without tugging the surface. Most of the options you’ll see below are dual-ended, multifunctional products with a fine pencil tip on one side and a spoolie on the other to shape and further define your brows.

I generally prefer eyebrow pencils that are mechanical, allowing me to conserve product where I can and store it however I see fit. Take notice of the shape of the tip: Is it a triangle, slightly slanted to one side, or defined and small? An eyebrow pencil’s tip contributes to the definition of the brow, creating precise lines and coating the hairs with product for added pigment.

When it comes to application, using your pinky for stabilization and letting your applicator glide smoothly and steadily across the skin helps avoid shaky application or rogue marks from the pencil. Try starting off by making light-handed strokes in the direction of your natural hair growth, darkening only as needed to get that natural-looking finish.

Now that you have a running start, check out a few of my favorite drugstore eyebrow pencils below!

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