My Best-Kept Secret for Never Missing a Special Occasion (Even When I Have a Million Things Going On)

In the highlight reel version of my life, I’m an exemplary daughter who has every intention of seeking out the most thoughtful Mother’s Day gift. It’ll be hand-selected, gift-wrapped to perfection, and ready weeks ahead of time. Cut to reality, though, and this is usually how it plays out: My schedule is hectic, I realize Mother’s Day is a day away, and I’m forced to make a mad dash to the store to try and find a gift that doesn’t totally scream “I bought this at the last minute,” before making a beeline to the card aisle (which, of course, has already been picked clean). But then I discovered Moonpig, and just like that, my chances of being a dutiful daughter were restored.

Moonpig specializes in personalized greeting cards, which you can order online or through their app, but the best part is they’ll even send your card in the mail for you. It’s super convenient for someone busy like me because I don’t even have to leave my home or aimlessly wander a card aisle, and it saves me a trip to the post office, too. Also, I can set up calendar reminders and save addresses so that I can completely automate sending cards on birthdays and holidays. Best of all, you can use code EVERYGIRLFREE to get a free card now through May 12. Below, I’m sharing all of the reasons why Moonpig is now my go-to place for sending something special in the mail and my secret to never dropping the ball on a special occasion again.

Why I turn to Moonpig for every special occasion

First of all, their cards are SO cute, with thousands of designs to choose from. Not to mention, they have something for everyone—flowers, illustrations, humor—you name it. Have a mom who’s an Anglophile who loves tea parties and teacups? They have a card for that. Or is your mom a huge fan of Schitt’s Creek and loves to binge-watch episodes with you? They also have a card for that. Apart from their great designs, here are a handful of reasons that set Moonpig apart:

  • Customization: You can personalize any of their cards by adding photos and text or even a special message that looks handwritten. They also offer the option to record a video or audio message, and your recipient can scan a QR code that’s printed on their card to view or listen to it. My mom personally eats up those kinds of meaningful touches, as I imagine most moms would.
  • Convenience: Sending a thoughtful card without having to leave the comfort of my home, buy a stamp, or make a stop at the post office? Sign me up!
  • Calendar Reminders: Their automatic calendar alerts ensure I won’t drop the ball on remembering any special occasions, and I love that I can save addresses in my account to make it super easy to re-order the next time around.
  • Extra-Large Size: If you really want to go the extra mile and secure your spot as mom’s favorite, you can upgrade to an extra-large card.
  • Gift Card Add-on: You can add a gift card to brands like Sephora and Barnes & Noble, which definitely elevates the card to “gift” status.
  • Group Card: You can create a group card and share it with your family and friends so that everyone gets a chance to sign it with their own message.
  • Affordability: You’d think it’d be more expensive than just buying a card from the drugstore, but honestly, the prices, including postage, are incredibly affordable. Plus, if you use our code EVERYGIRLFREE between now and May 12, you can get a FREE card.
moon pig mother's day card
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How to build a Moonpig card that’ll win you major points

Of course, I couldn’t miss flexing this opportunity to order my mom a free card for Mother’s Day. We used to live in the UK when I was younger, and she loves tea, so I picked out this Flowers, Tea, and Cakes card and added a few custom touches that I know she’ll love. It was such an easy process—here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: I used their mobile app to browse card designs, but you can also order through their website.
  • Step 2: After finding the design I wanted, I added a few custom touches. First, I uploaded a vintage photograph of my sisters and me when we were younger because it’s my mom’s fave. I liked that I could easily change the size and position of the photo.
  • Step 3: Next, I added text and chose a pretty font that looks handwritten. If you’re not a natural wordsmith, they have an awesome AI writing tool feature, which can help you craft a message or give you a little inspiration.
  • Step 4: Once I finalized the custom photo/text options, I did a final preview of the card design, added in code EVERYGIRLFREE, which brought the balance to $0.00, and placed my order.
  • Step 5: I opted to have the card sent to me so I can hand deliver it to my mom, and it was nice that they included a blank envelope for me. But you can opt to have it shipped directly to your recipient if you don’t live nearby, and you can schedule to have it delivered at a later date.
  • Step 6: I saved the address to my address book and created a calendar reminder so that Moonpig will prompt me 14 days before the next Mother’s Day so I can send a card in time.

Shipping was fast, the card was delivered, and it is STUNNING! I can’t wait to give it to my mom. In case you’re in need of some Mother’s Day inspo, here are some of the Moonpig cards that I currently have saved to my favorites:

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This post is sponsored by Moonpig, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.


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