Josh Hart turns would-be travel into unreal 3-pointer at Jrue Holiday's expense

This has to be a first.

Josh Hart turned a would-be turnover into three points for the New York Knicks on Monday thanks to a savvy combination of awareness and execution. With the shot clock winding down in the third quarter against the Boston Celtics, Hart received a pass in the corner from Jalen Brunson.

He thought he had space to get up a shot. But one of the league’s best perimeter defenders had other ideas. Celtics guard Jrue Holiday closed in as Hart set his shot in motion. Hart was in the air with nowhere to go, but he didn’t give up on the play. Instead of allowing Holiday to block his shot, Hart pulled back, then bounced the ball off Holiday’s back before landing.

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The ball bounced right back to Hart before Holiday had a chance to figure out what just happened. Hart calmly gathered the ball and reloaded for this 3-point shot.

The ball dropped through the net for a one-of-a-kind 3-pointer to cut New York’s deficit to 91-85.

It’s worth a second look. Here’s another angle:

The Knicks lost the game. But the Celtics can never take this play away.

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