John Lynch cuts off question of whether Brandon Aiyuk's has received permission to seek trade

49ers receiver Brandon Aiyuk clearly isn’t interested in playing for $14.12 million this year. He wants a new deal. He hasn’t gotten one.

Has his agent been given permission to seek a trade? During Monday’s pre-draft press conference, G.M. John Lynch shut down a question as to whether that has happened.

“I’m not going to get in all those details,” Lynch said, interrupting Matt Maiocco of “We’re really focused on B.A. being part of us. He’s under contract and we’re looking forward to that.”

It’s hardly a denial. Lynch didn’t even have a chance to deny it, because he didn’t let the question get asked.

That will only bolster the perception that the 49ers have indeed given Aiyuk’s agent permission to shop him around, possibly in the hopes of having Aiyuk’s agent discover that no other team is willing to pay him more than the 49ers are offering. The Steelers, we’re told, called the 49ers earlier this offseason. At the time, they were told the 49ers aren’t trading Aiyuk, a second-team All-Pro in 2023.

Lynch also said that he wants to keep Aiyuk.

“Our wish is that he’s here and a part of the Niners for the rest of his career,” Lynch said. “We’re working through that. As such, I was a player once and I never liked my business being out in the public. So I’m going to respect that. I’m not going to speak for their side. I can say we’re having good talks and I’m just going to leave it at that.”

Lynch was asked whether he has received calls about Aiyuk. “We receive calls about a lot of guys,” Lynch said. Again, another non-denial.

Lynch likewise added that Aiyuk has not yet reported for offseason workouts. Why would he? Denial of services during the voluntary offseason program is his current source of leverage.

Could Aiyuk be traded this week?

“I wouldn’t anticipate that,” Lynch said. Again, that’s another answer other than a flat, unequivocal “no.”

Aiyuk is in play for a trade this week. While he has not officially requested a trade, the pieces are in place for a potential deal. We’ll find out whether that happens, possibly in three days.

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