JLR accelerates security rollout to battle keyless theft of older models

JLR is fast tracking security software updates for Range Rover, Defender, Discovery, and Jaguar models manufactured after 2018 to update out-of-warranty vehicles to current security standards.

The updates will tackle the risk of ‘keyless’ theft via the Body Control Module, with over 160,000 vehicles having already received the upgrade.

This effort is part of a £15 million investment by JLR to assist UK vehicle owners, insurers, and law enforcement agencies in tackling the rising threat of organised vehicle theft, particularly targeting Range Rovers.

The programme includes expanding a team of dedicated client care specialists by 26% to speed up the update process and deliver the latest security technology promptly.

Patrick McGillycuddy, managing director of JLR UK, said: “I am personally committed to providing the highest levels of protection possible to as many clients as we can. Our team has grown to match the scale of this task, and we are actively seeking clients who may have missed our correspondence or purchased from outside our network.

“We urge owners of models from 2018 and later to contact their preferred retailer for a security consultation as soon as possible to understand their specific options.”

The security updates at JLR retailers take less than an hour, allowing clients to enhance their vehicle security while they wait or through JLR’s mobile roadside assistance team from a location of their choosing.

In 2018, it became the first manufacturer to introduce Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) key technology, preventing thieves from using relay signal devices to open vehicles. For clients with older vehicles lacking the technology, JLR is distributing Faraday pouches that block signals transmitted by a key, preventing relay attacks.

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