I'm Convinced That This H&M Skirt Will Sell Out By April 1

@nlmarilyn wearing a navy sweater with a blazer and a white poplin skirt.

I have a spidey sense about to-be viral fashion items, probably because I’ve watched thousands skyrocket to fame in my years as a fashion editor and have studied their shared qualities at length. So, when that oh-so-familiar tingling sensation arose during my latest scroll through H&M’s new arrivals page this morning, I didn’t wait for confirmation before immediately getting to work and sharing the news of my find. I’m convinced that I’ve found a diamond in the rough, and since viral fame is often followed by a big, red “sold out” sign, I knew I only had a short window of time before said discovery went from shoppable to gone forever.

The piece I’m talking about is a just-dropped white, slightly sheer midi skirt that costs $68 and is already well on its way to selling out. The skirt, which is part of a larger spring/summer 2024 drop, features irregular pintucks all around the waist and a cotton lining that allows it to get the look of a sheer skirt without being revealing. In turn, it’s pretty much the perfect spring and summer skirt, whether you pair it with sneakers, ballet flats, or sandals, or a tank top, T-shirt, or equally billowy blouse. There’s really no end to the styling possibilities with this one, and with such a competitive price, I do not doubt that a sell-out is imminent. Scroll down to shop the skirt before it’s too late. And while you’re at it, check out the new spring pieces that accompanied its arrival at H&M.