I'm Convinced That These 11 H&M Items Will Sell Out By August

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Looking at products (and product data) all day every day has a way of teaching you things about consumer behaviour. I joke that I’m psychic about what people will want to buy, but really, I know that it’s all educated assumptions based on years of research and analysis (maybe a little bit of skill and good taste, too). And it comes in handy, especially when I’m tasked with predicting what pieces from a new drop will sell out first, allowing me to 1.) add pieces to my wardrobe that others who procrastinate will be too late to score and 2.) share the wealth with others who also crave that winning feeling that comes with a great shopping find.

Sharing the wealth is exactly what spurred me to write this story, which is all about the 11 H&M items I discovered this week that I knew immediately had major star power. My editor senses were tingling while the voice in my head that’s responsible for my overflowing closet screamed, “Buy them! They won’t last!” Of course, I can’t act on every shopping whim—then I’d really have no room in my apartment—but I figured if I can’t buy them, you all should. Below, check out 11 sophisticated H&M items I’m convinced will go viral and sell out by August, from brand-new mesh flats that look just like The Row’s glove version to easy linen trousers you’ll wear again and again from now until autumn. Enjoy.

The 11 Best Items at H&M:

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