I'm a Self-Confessed Overdresser, But I'd Still Wear These 5 Chic Sweatshirt Outfits

It recently came to my attention that the term casual isn’t in my vocabulary. According to one of my closest friends, I haven’t dressed casually for a day in over twenty years. Sure, I’ve been backpacking but I did so with floral accessories in my tresses, my day tote was a matching patent number and my High School bag of choice was a mini Adidas backpack complete with pink stripes, whilst most of my peers donned Nike’s more practical iteration. Whilst admitting defeat and pondering over this (fair) observation, I started to envisage the ways I could welcome casual pieces into the fold, the Avalon way.


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Despite what it may seem, I’m not averse to casual clothing. 2023 was the year I embraced the sweatshirt as a piece to disrupt my knitwear collection, appreciating it as a pared-back alternative to fuzzy knits. It’s true that it’s a considered transitional piece that sits in-between a t-shirt and the higher wool content of a knit. Last year, I even acquired a cap for the very first time and it’s been a game-changer for morning jaunts. There does come a time (long winter walks, errand days and hikes, for example) where a dress will (sadly) not suffice.

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