I’m a Frequent Traveler—These Are the Drugstore Essentials I Always Pick up Before a Trip

As with most endeavors in my life, I am well-versed in the art of packing 10 minutes before a trip. Planning has never been my forté, but after three decades of life, I’ve finally struck the balance of putting off my responsibilities until the 11th hour but still (somehow?) being the most prepared of the friend group. While I’d like to give credit to myself for being a packing prodigy, I can’t even lie—most of my pre-vacation shuffle happens in the aisles of CVS as I’m filling my basket with those last-minute drugstore travel essentials.

My method looks a little something like this: A few days before my trip, I start setting aside all of my “use everyday” items into a pile on the ground. While it creates a bit of chaos for a few days ahead of travel, it really helps me ensure I’m accounting for all of my getting-ready essentials and not forgetting any crucial items (i.e., my retinol, which I’ll simply shrivel up and die without). Out of these piles, I’ll typically make a list in my notes app of 1) what’s missing and 2) what of this pile can’t come with me, mostly due to size. About 24 hours before boarding, I’ll hit up my local CVS to fill in those gaps, and then I’ll do a lap around the store to jog my memory for any items I might be missing, like snacks, eyelashes, sunscreen, etc. I’m off to the South of France in a few days, and here are some items in my basket RN:

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CVS | Liquid I.V.

Between jet lag, dry plane cabins, and lots of walking, I’ll definitely be getting a ton of use out of these Liquid I.V. hydration multipliers. I’m already guilty of not drinking enough water so any chance I get, I’ll be adding this in to help me feel my best all day long.

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If you know, you know—jet lag is no joke. I don’t want to have to pound 10 coffees to keep me awake, so I love having these energy gummies on hand to keep the pep in my step regardless of the time change.

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Despite my efforts, it never fails that I get at least a little sick while traveling. This time around, I’m calling in reinforcements with these gummies that have echinacea, zinc, vitamin C, and elderberry to give my immune system an extra edge.

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CVS Health

I knew I needed to grab some melatonin to help me catch some Zzzs on my overnight flight and to tell my body, “It’s time for sleep,”  in my first few days in France despite the time change. When I saw this one was eligible for a buy-one-get-one deal until 6/22, I picked it up with lightning speed.

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CVS | Well Market

I’m a sucker for anything hazelnut and I love that these will satisfy my sweet tooth while saving me some money at the airport (because God knows, I do not need to be spending $20 on a granola bar). 

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CVS | Wonderful

You can’t have sweet without a little bit of savory, and these pistachios (which are on sale for $4.99 until 6/22) will hit the spot when I grow tired of my Chocolate Hazelnut clusters. And when I’m tired of these? Back to the clusters. Rinse, repeat, and save some $$$ at the airport, if you will.

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CVS | Mrs. Meyer’s

It’s no secret that making your way through an airport isn’t exactly the most sanitary experience on Earth, so having this on hand to use before eating, after going through security, or after encountering any surfaces on the plane is a must. I don’t have time to be getting sick on my vacation, and as a girl who cannot stop touching her face, clean hands are a non-negotiable.

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CVS | Busy Co.

There’s no shame in needing a deodorant touch-up throughout the day, especially after a long haul on an airplane. Having these on hand when lugging around heavy suitcases or hitting 10,000+ steps while exploring your destination will be a godsend. 

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CVS | Garnier

This all-in-one cleansing water is already the hero of days when I’m in a rush, so when I found it in a travel size, I bought not one, but TWO. It’s great for even the most stubborn makeup, and it’s also super refreshing on your skin after a long travel day.

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CVS | CeraVe

I swear by this hydrating cleanser, so picking it up in a size that can make it through security was an obvious choice. This is the only cleanser I’ve ever used that gets all of the dirt, makeup, and SPF off of my face without making my skin feel tight and dry.

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CVS | Bubble

All of my face moisturizers come in giant glass tubs that I can’t take on a plane so I love that this one is super compact and has tons of five-star reviews.

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CVS | Starface

I always make sure to stock up on pimple patches ahead of vacationing because traveling always tends to wreak havoc on my skin. These ones are cute enough to walk around with if you’re feeling brave, and most importantly, they keep me from picking at my skin which I’m consistently guilty of when a pimple emerges.

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CVS | Sun Bum

This sunscreen is quite literally the perfect travel product—it’s small, easy to apply, doesn’t leave that dreaded white sheen on my face, and gives strong UV protection so I don’t look like a tomato in all of my vacation photos.

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In my humble opinion, these are the best face masks money can buy. Because it’s a hydrogel mask, it actually adheres to your skin instead of sliding right off, and this one hydrates, refines pores, and rejuvenates skin in just 10 minutes.

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CVS | Maybelline

Because I plan to spend 90 percent of my time on a beach in the hot sun and South of France waters, picking up a waterproof mascara was a no-brainer. This one came highly recommended by my coworkers and it’s currently on sale until 6/22 ($4 Extracare Bucks for spending $12 on this product = my idea of a good time).

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CVS | Monday Haircare

This shampoo works wonders on my dry, frizzy hair, which I love because that means I don’t have to resort to hotel hair products that never do me justice.

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CVS | Monday Haircare

Made with coconut oil and shea butter, this conditioner keeps my hair soft and shiny even when it can feel difficult to maintain my usual haircare routine while traveling.

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CVS | Wet Brush

I have one of these mini brushes in every single bag I own, and I just picked up another one ahead of my trip to France because I truly cannot stop buying them. At the end of a long travel day or before taking pictures, it’s a major lifesaver.

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CVS | Tresemmé

I am nothing if not a slick back bun connoisseur, and this gel is my go-to for getting the perfect end result every single time.

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This post is sponsored by CVS, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.


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