I Tried the Face Oil Celebs and Estheticians Love for Ultra-Glowy Skin

Furtuna Skin co-founder and Chief Creative Officer Agatha Relota Luczo shared a few fun facts about the Biphase Oil. “When my husband and I founded La Furtuna Estate in Sicily, I knew I wanted to create a skincare line featuring olive oil–based products,” she explains. “Our Biphase Moisturizing Oil was once described as ‘the face oil loved even by the anti-oilers,’ which, to me, indicates that we did everything right when it came to formulating this product. The biphase delivery system also makes the product really fast-absorbing because water is essential for the skin to absorb oil. It’s why this product brings about such an immediate plumpness and glow on first application and balances the skin over time. It’s my pick-me-up whenever my skin looks dull or dry. It instantly replenishes moisture without leaving my skin looking or feeling oily. I also love to make my own tinted moisturizer using it by adding two to three drops into my foundation and applying it.”

I love EVOO (extra-virgin olive oil) because it boasts many incredible health benefits, especially for the skin,” she continues. “It is packed with natural antioxidants and skin-nourishing nutrients. It contains vitamins A and E to help repair the skin’s moisture barrier and protect and support collagen production. It also has a high squalene content, a natural plant-based lipid that balances sebum and protects the skin’s acid mantle. EVOO also boasts high percentages—up to 83%—of oleic acid, an omega-9 fatty acid that fights inflammation and soothes skin. Because of all these qualities, EVOO is a natural skin moisturizer to the point where everyone should consider olive-based products as their number one defense against dry, prematurely aging skin.”

Marino also gives this one a five-star review, saying “What I love most about this one is definitely the texture. I’ve found most oils to be rich, sometimes occlusive, and heavy, especially for my oily skin. The Furtuna Skin Biphase Oil has all the benefits of an oil but in a weightless formula that leaves the skin hydrated and glowing but not greasy. It’s something I haven’t seen done yet with an oil. It also contains vitamin C, which is on my list of daily nonnegotiables. Vitamin C is crucial for the formation of collagen. It also protects the cells against sun and environmental damage, making it both a preventative and corrective antioxidant that everyone should use daily. It also contains borage and calendula, which nourish and protect the skin against damaging light waves. Blackberry is another antioxidant that protects against environmental aggressors and is also high in vitamin E.”

Additionally, the brand’s unique extraction method makes all the difference. It’s truly what makes each product so effective. Luczo shared a few more details on the process: “When it comes to formulating any products with organic ingredients, one of the challenges is creating consistency and preserving potency. Preserving potency was extremely important to us because, over thousands of years, the trees and plants on La Furtuna Estate have survived Sicily’s varied microclimates, range of elevations, and volcanic eruptions, becoming more resilient and supercharged with nutrients.  When we founded Furtuna Skin, we knew the unique potency of our ingredients was the game changer that would set us apart from other natural skincare brands and the key to delivering our transformative results. But conventional ingredient-extraction methods tend to overprocess and overheat active ingredients, making them obsolete. Not to mention, they often use harsh solvents that are bad for the environment and the body! So we turned to the pharmaceutical industry and discovered a pioneering method—our Soundbath extraction method—where whole plant ingredients are immersed in oil or hydroglycerin and ‘bathed’ in ultrasound, using the energies of sound and low temperatures to preserve the potency of the vitamins, amino acids, phenols, and aromatic essences inside.”

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