I Just Got Back From Seoul—Here's Every Cool Street Style Trend I Saw and Loved

As a fashion editor, I take pride in my unmatched skill when it comes to spotting emerging style. For years, I’ve profiled young designers and followed on-the-rise trends so often that I can practically do it in my sleep. While it’s taken me years to refine my spidey senses on what makes something in the style zeitgeist feel fresh and exciting, it’s different to actually experience firsthand something and realize, “Yep, I was right all along.” Case in point: There’s no other city quite as fashionable as Seoul, South Korea. 

This season, Seoul Fashion Week and its dominating street style felt like a breath of fresh air in an otherwise oversaturated celebrity-fueled street style world. This editor has a few predictions as to why. Perhaps it’s the unadulterated, unfiltered style guests parade around the city in. Most likely, it’s the fact that they’re not even trying to look cool, but somehow, they do. Whether or not we’d openly admit it on Zendaya’s internet, we’re all guilty of picking out an outfit simply because it’s what we should wear and what we know we’ll get photographed in. After all, the telltale sign of street style success during any fashion week is by posting a watermarked Getty Images professional photo on your Instagram feed.

Just as much as Seoul Fashion Week and its impressive roster of South Korean designers was a feast for the eyes, the real beauty within the emerging fashion capital lies within the people itself. From ultra-trendy metallic cargo pants to tried-and-true street style staples, here’s all the outfit inspiration you need to see straight out of Seoul Fashion Week and its headquarters at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

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