I Have TikTok Beauty Fatigue, But This Honey Lips Hack Is Too Pretty Not to Love

To prep and set your lips for a look like this, Higgins has a few key hacks she swears by. “I have a whole system [for] making sure your lip look will stay in place all day,” she explains. “First of all, lip prep is essential. Scrub the lips gently with a wash cloth or cotton round to remove any flakey skin. Next, put on a lip mask while doing the rest of your makeup (I always leave the lips for last, so that they should have plenty of time to soak in the lip treatment).

“I love Catrice’s Lip Lovin’ Overnight Lip Mask. When it is time to do the lips, blot off the lip treatment with a tissue thoroughly. You want to make sure you remove it, as it will cause any products on the lips to run, since its very emollient. Afterwards take the lip liner around the border of your lips, buff the edges of the lip liner with your finger, then (this is the magic part), take a little translucent powder on a powder puff and go over the entire lip. Then follow with the gold shadow and gloss to finish your honey lips look. The powder creates a matte base for the other lip products to grasp onto, making it last!”

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