I Do Pilates Twice a Week—I Couldn't Hold a Plank Without These Grippy Socks

anna laplaca

As someone who’s a regular at reformer classes, there’s nothing worse than not feeling your best mid-workout. With most classes being under an hour, there isn’t much time to get back into the right mindset if you fall out of it. When I’m wearing a top that isn’t quite holding everything together or my socks have me slipping everywhere, my workout can be easily ruined. I distinctly remember nearly falling off of a machine during a quick transition and from that day on, I’ve always made a point to wear a good pair of grippy socks to my workout classes.

Balletcore may have helped popularize the Pilates princess aesthetic, but to me, it’s more than an aesthetic but a way of life. Prioritizing small motions that can tone your body and make you feel amazing while doing it always makes my day. If you want to be prepared for whatever your instructor throws at you, I highly suggest giving one of these 12 pairs of grippy socks a try.

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