I Combed Through 1000s of Spring Arrivals at H&M: These 25 Were the Chicest

In celebration of the new season’s arrival, I’ve already begun my spring clean of the year. Naturally, I started with my wardrobe, and whilst de-bobbling jumpers and packing away my thermal pieces, I noticed gaps where clever capsule styles should be. Alongside, after a long winter of relying on the same basics, I’m ready to reinvigorate getting ready with a bit of newness. On my shopping list are a few investment styles, but I’ve always been a fan of the Great British high street, and this season I’m looking for a few affordable finds that will cement my wardrobe as the hard-working, stylish and reliable selection I know it can be. Naturally, I turned to a trusted favourite, H&M.

H&M Smocked Dress

(Image credit: H&M)

As spring begins to show the first signs of life, H&M has already rolled in the new season styles to match. True to form, the high street hero has combined fresh spring styles with timeless classics, both of which are sure to serve our wardrobes throughout the spring months and well beyond. To save endless scrolling, I’ve honed in on the 5 styles that make for the most worthy additions to our wardrobes, starting with smart buys. Think tailoring, classic shirts and wide-leg trousers that will move seamlessly from easy day time fits to elegant evening ensembles. For me, spring is always synonymous with denim, as the fabric comes into its own in all shapes and styles from reliable jeans to light denim shirt layers and of course a sprinkling of denim skirts, which have become a modern staple.