I Asked an Expert What Bob Style Would Suit My Curly Hair—They Said These 10 Work

There’s no denying the timeless appeal of a bob hairstyle—it’s simple, chic, and incredibly versatile. And 2024 has only propelled the haircuts popularity with an array of trending takes on this classic style. From ultra-short mini bobs to bouncy baroque bobs, it’s evident that this is one hairstyle that will continue to dominate for the rest of the year. But, as with any hairstyle, before you take the plunge and commit to a cut in the salon, you’ll likely want to consider your hair type and texture to understand how the trend will work for you. And as someone with textured hair myself, I was keen to understand what the best bob hairstyles are for curly hair.

“Bob haircuts often require more frequent cuts to keep the hair shaped properly. However, as having short hair can stop it from being weighed down, a bob hairstyle can actually provide more natural bounce and volume for curly hair,” explains Stéphane Ferreira, Senior Stylist at Live True London. “It can also mean less washing and drying time for curly hair types.” In essence, opting for a bob hairstyle if you have natural waves, curls or coils can be a fairly low-maintenance option for everyday styling.