Half Magic's MaXXXine Collab Gives "Final Girl" Energy (and We're Here for It)

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(Image credit: Justin Lubin)

Summerween is officially upon us and I’m honoring the unofficial holiday by watching A24’s newest horror flick, MaXXXine, starring Mia Goth. Part of the X universe, the movie follows the adult film star and aspiring actress Maxine Minx in 1980s Hollywood while a mysterious killer stalks the city’s startlets. However, as we’ve come to learn from the universe’s previous installments, Maxine may have a few dark (and possibly dangerous) secrets on her own.

To hold us horror and beauty lovers over until spooky season begins, Half Magic launched a collaboration with MaXXXine’s head makeup artist Sara Rubano which includes three bestselling products that can be used to recreate Maxine’s throwback makeup looks. I spoke with Rubano (who was also the makeup talent behind 2022’s X and Pearl films) about her sources of inspiration, the products she uses to create Maxine’s slasher-flick-worthy makeup, and the ’80s comeback we’ve all been waiting for.

Creating a Killer Makeup Look

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(Image credit: Justin Lubin)

What about the X series originally captured your interest; leading to your role as head makeup artist?