Gigi Hadid Just Wore the Jean Micro-Trend That's About to Be Everywhere

Something that’s been proven time and time again is if Gigi Hadid wears a pair of jeans, they already are trendy or soon will be. She has great taste (as we all know), but she also is one of those fashion-girl celebs who’s influential enough to make people around the world want to go out and buy something. I’m saying all of this now because Hadid just wore the next big denim trend, and it happens to fall under the low-rise umbrella (like it or not).

For a night out earlier this week in L.A., Hadid wore a pair of cut-off waistband jeans, and first of all: They look quite comfortable. Second of all, this is a trend that I’ve noticed has been bubbling on the market as of late, so it’s only natural that cool It girls like Hadid would be adding the trend to their wardrobes.

Hadid paired her low-rise raw waistband jeans with a crop top (naturally), fun jewelry, and Miu Miu penny loafers, and it’s all just perfect.

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