Every Beauty Editor Raves About This Elemis Cleanser, and It's Just Gone On Sale

Of course, when shopping for a cleanser, skin health should always be top priority. But the issue with opting for something that’s totally no-frills is that it can take the joy out of a cleansing routine. However, Elemis’s cult 3-in-1 balm cleanser does no such thing. It makes the act of daily cleansing feel impossibly luxe and ritualistic—starting off as a nourishing balm, then becoming a cleansing oil and finally, turning into a deeply-hydrating milk.

And it couldn’t be easier to use. Simply massage a pea-sized amount of balm into dry skin—watching as it transforms into a silky oil—and breathe in the therapeutic aroma. To really reap the nourishing benefits, wet your hands and continue massaging to emulsify the oil into that hydrating milk. Remove the lot with a wet flannel or muslin cloth and behold a radiant, soothed and glowing complexion.

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