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Elevating Hospitality Through Innovative Design

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In the first dispatch of the Skift Travel Spotlight podcast from ITB Berlin, Skift speaks with Boutique Group about the role innovative design plays in developing Saudi Arabia’s hospitality sector.

This sponsored content was created in collaboration with a Skift partner.

As more travelers seek authentic experiences, destinations need to ensure their culture and heritage shine through every aspect of the trip. In this episode of the Skift Travel Spotlight: The Future of Tourism in Saudi Arabia, Skift Creative Strategist Kate Anderson spoke with Marco Franck, Chief Hospitality Officer of Boutique Group, about how the brand blends ultra luxury with creativity to achieve this.

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In this Podcast:

Design Beyond Aesthetics: Insights into Boutique Group’s approach to design and why its intentional blending of past and present shapes the unique character of its properties.

Weaving Culture Into Design: Details on Boutique Group’s work with local artisans to revive traditional crafts and infuse Saudi heritage into its design ethos.

Defining Saudi Hospitality: An insider’s view on the innate hospitality of the Saudi people and how that translates into ultra-luxury experiences for guests.

Saudi Arabia’s Role in Driving Innovation: How the influx of creative talent to Saudi Arabia in pursuit of Vision 2030 is pushing boundaries in both new destination creation and the restoration of antiquities on a global scale.

This content was created collaboratively by Saudi Tourism Authority and Skift’s branded content studio, SkiftX.

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