CUPRA report reveals growing EV acceptance among drivers

A new white paper published by CUPRA UK reveals a significant shift in driver attitudes towards electric vehicles (EVs), indicating that the majority of motorists see EV ownership as inevitable in the near future.

The survey which underpins the report, gathered insights from 377 drivers, including both EV owners and non-owners from the Volkswagen Group brand customer panel. The findings show that 70% of respondents believe they will be driving a fully electric car within the next decade.

The white paper highlights a contrast in perceptions between those who have already made the switch to EVs and those who have not. A notable 94% of current CUPRA EV owners reported satisfaction with their decision to go electric, and none expressed a desire to return to petrol or diesel vehicles.

Despite concerns about the UK’s charging infrastructure, the survey revealed that only 5% of CUPRA EV owners find charging to be a significant disruption to their daily routines. This is in sharp contrast to the 37% of non-EV owners who worry about the impact of charging on their lives.

Marcus Gossen, director of SEAT and CUPRA UK, commented on the findings: “Our white paper sheds new light on the factors affecting drivers’ perceptions of electrification. It is clear that those who make the switch are happy they did, but that does not mean our work is done. The industry must continue to support and inform both current EV drivers and those yet to make the leap.

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