College athletics revenue sharing, Brian Kelly cries about portal recruiting & The Snoop Dogg Arizona Bowl

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On today’s show, Dan Wetzel, Ross Dellenger and SI’s Pat Forde break down a recent update to the House v. NCAA case. Dellenger digs deeper on revenue sharing and where funds will come from to share with athletes.

Wetzel directs their focus to recent comments made by LSU head coach Brian Kelly about his team’s failures to secure top defensive tackle recruits in the spring portal window. They discuss how NIL is impacting how coaches recruit players to build proper team culture.

After the break, they touch on four teams that are currently struggling in recruiting for the 2025 class. Dellenger brings up Arkansas adding a 28 year old MLB player to their squad.

Later, they react to the news of rapper Snoop Dogg and his new beverage line being named as a sponsor the Arizona Bowl.

Wetzel wraps the show with the story of a man who was the commencement speaker at Ohio State, and claims he took psychedelics to write his speech.

0:56 College athletics revenue sharing

27:28 Brian Kelly fails in the transfer portal

42:48 Teams struggling to recruit

51:21 The Snoop Dogg Arizona Bowl

57:11 A psychedelic commencement speech

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