Chic Women Choose This Nail Colour When They Want to Look Extra Polished

My name is Eleanor Vousden, and neutral nails are my thing. More often than not, you’ll find me wearing a sheer pink nail polish (OPI Bubble Bath and Chanel Ballerina some of my go-tos) or a milky white shade. Don’t get me wrong; while I do love nail art and bright nail colours as a pedicure colour every now and again, I always, always come back to sheer neutral tones. There is something about those minimal shades that make my hands look put together and I feel more expensive-looking. However, with Google searches for light brown nails trending right now, I’ve been tempted to branch out every so slightly from my comfort zone and give this neutral mani tone a go.

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Light brown nails are a sophisticated choice that are both classic and pared-back. Falling in the same classy camp as pinks, light browns can work across all skin tones and can be so flattering on the nails, as well as working with any and everything in your wardrobe while transcending any occasion. An opaque light brown hue looks particularly amazing on short nails, and sheer brown tones lend a softer effect that makes your hands look polished and healthy. What’s not to like?

I’ve been scrolling through my social feeds to find the best light brown nail ideas for you to take to the salon. Whether you go for milky sheer brown to light brown chrome nails, there are so many chic options to choose from. Get ready to screenshot your favourites for your next manicure below and read on for the best light brown nail polishes to get the look at home.

15 Ways to Try the Light Brown Nail Colour Trend

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1. Milky Brown Nails

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These milky brown nails look so elegant and timeless.

2. Light Brown Chrome Nails

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What better way to elevate your light brown nails than with a chrome finish?

3. Light Brown Round Nails

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Opaque hues of brown look so flattering on deep skin tones.

4. Beige Nails

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How pretty is this creamy beige mani?

5. Sheer Brown Nails

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If you have fairer skin, a sheer light brown toned polish is a flattering way to tap into the trend if you find most browns too stark—this one is OPI’s Put In In Neutral (£15).