Century Support Services review: Debt relief company with a strong customer satisfaction rating

Recommends Century Support Services

Century Support Services is a debt settlement company based in Pennsylvania. The Better Business Bureau accredited it with an A+ rating. It offers free assessments so that consumers can see if the solution will work for their needs. They boast a 94% customer satisfaction rating. Century Support Services makes our list of the best debt relief companies. All rates and fees are current as of April 2024 and are subject to change.

Century Support Services

Eligibility & Requirements: $7,500
Fees: Varies based on state
Ratings: BBB A+
Accreditations: AADR
Savings: 25% of enrolled debt
Time: 48 months or less

Types of debt Century Support Services helps settle

How Century Support Services fees work

Century Support Services charges a fee to settle the debt and handle paying it off. There are no other fees associated with the account. Fees vary based on your state, but consumers should expect to pay up to 25% of the debt balance in fees. 

How does working with Century Support Services impact credit score

Because Century Support Services requires you to stop making payments on the account so that they can settle the debt, there may be negative impacts on your credit score. Many consumers report a drop in credit score when enlisting help from the service. This is because the payments show as late and delinquent. Consumers should be aware of this when enlisting Century Support Services’ help.

How much can I save by using Century Support Services?

The amount saved varies for each customer. However, consumers should expect to save around 25% of their debt. This savings factors in the fees paid, which means debts are settled for about 50% of their value, and then the consumer pays the debt settlement fees with their monthly payments. 

How long does Century Support Services take to settle debt

A representative for the company says that consumers should expect to settle their debts and pay them off in four years or less. If they are able to pay more than the minimum amount due, they can pay them off earlier. 

Are there risks with settling debt with Century Support Services

The risk associated with working with Century Support Services is that your credit score will go down. This can negatively impact the ability to get a loan or mortgage. Derogatory marks on your credit can stay on the report for up to seven to ten years. 

Century Support Services’ reputation for settling debt?

Century Support Services has a good reputation for handling debt settlement. They have only had 15 complaints over the past three years with the BBB. They have a 4.9-star score with Trustpilot based on more than 2,600 reviews. That works out to a 91% five-star rating. This rating is higher than on Consumer Affairs, where it garners a 3.6-star rating with 736 reviews. 

Is Century Support Services right for you?

If you are a consumer with at least $7,500 in unsecured debt and are having trouble making the payments, you are a good candidate for Century Support Services’ program. The program can save you years of paying high debts and reduce your debt by about 25%. 

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