Bella Hadid Wore the Vintage Pant Trend People Are Ditching Baggy Jeans For

Bella Hadid wearing a cropped black bomber and wire-rim sunglasses.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Ferragamo/Getty Images via Gotham)

Bella Hadid is so back. This week alone, she’s been spotted in four different but equally impressive ‘fits, ranging from a spring 2004 Dior dress to a spring 2024 Gucci shorts suit, all of which she wore to do press for her just-launched fragrance line, ‘Ôrəbella. For the launch, Hadid brought on stylist Molly Dickson, most known for her work with Sydney Sweeney, and the two have gotten straight to work, with look after look being as close to perfection as it gets. And while it’s pretty much impossible to wear something more iconic than a Galliano original from the early aughts, there was another outfit of Hadid’s this week that caught my attention even more.

After filming a segment on The Drew Barrymore Show, Hadid was photographed wearing a look from Ferragamo’s S/S 24 collection, designed by Maximilian Davis. The look featured a cropped black bomber jacket and a matching pair of fitted capri pants, akin to the popular 1950s silhouette pedal pushers. With the duo, she added curved-heel mules, also by Ferragamo, and a pair of wire-rim sunglasses.