7 Key Skincare Trends That Experts Predict Will Be Huge in 2024

Every year seems to bring with it a new host of trending skincare ingredients, and in 2024, adaptogens are set to be the next big thing. Long since used in traditional medicines, adaptogens help the body to adjust to the impact of stressors—and in skincare, they help to repair stress-induced skin damage.

This ties in with the growing trend for stressed skin solutions, but also, according to Bee, with a return to heritage and traditional skincare therapies. “The world of skincare has become increasingly scientific, complex and, in some spaces, culturally less accessible and somewhat cold,” she explains. In adjacent categories like food and health, we are seeing a return to ancient wisdom, looking back to discover our core needs and strip back any unnecessary complications. This movement is present in skincare too, perhaps most tangibly with products that draw from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic ingredients.” So, expect to see the likes of ashwagandha, neem, and reishi mushrooms, ginseng, and moringa popping up in your skincare formulas over the next year.

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