7 Elegant Outfits That Are Chill Enough For the Airport

I don’t know about you but I have so much trouble dressing for the airport on hot summer (and even spring) days. I always have and probably always will, but at the present moment, I’m going into summer armed with a handful of outfit ideas that I’m planning on wearing to the airport in the coming months. The reason dressing for the airport in the summer is so difficult is pretty obvious: It’s hot outside and freezing in the airport and on the planes. On top of that, you’re going to be confined to small spaces for a number of hours and if your outfit is uncomfortable, your travel day might be borderline ruined. And on top of that, all anyone does at the airport is people-watch, so you probably want to look chic. In my opinion, the best way to check all of these boxes is with easy, elegant outfits that are comfortable enough to wear to the airport on long days when the temperature might be all over the place.

To guide you out of this predicament, my little fingers spent a lot of time scrolling through Instagram in search of outfit ideas to wear to the airport this spring and summer, so keep scrolling to find out what you need to put he looks together and shop the pieces you might be missing.