33 Irresistibly Chic Nordstrom Shoe Styles If You’re Above a Size 9

If your feet are large, you know how much of a struggle footwear has and continues to be. As a size 11 shoe-wearer, I’ve experienced this firsthand. Many retailers have extremely limited options above a size 9, making it almost impossible to find a wide range of cute, chic shoes that speak to my inner fashion person. While the footwear industry as a whole has a long way to go, things have steadily been improving over the years, and it’s becoming easier to find beautiful shoes in extended sizes.

Recently, I spent a few hours digging through Nordstrom’s stock of large shoes, and I actually found many worth taking a second look at. Whether you’re in the mood for classic styles and neutral hues or trendy pieces and fun colors, there’s a little something for all kinds of shoe lovers. Ahead shop pretty shoe styles in over a size 9.

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