10 Celebrity Moms Who Have the Chicest Style, Period

There’s no doubt that motherhood depicts the more practical side of life. (Read: messy art projects, diaper changes, baby spit-up—activities that don’t always lend themselves to super-polished looks.) This doesn’t mean we moms can’t stay true to our personal style—but rather, we evolve our looks and lean into comfort, durability, and easy silhouettes. And that goes for celebrity moms, too.

As a fashion editor and mom of two, I love to get inspired by celebrity moms who seem to have a great sense of style while maintaining functionality (even if they do a have a helping hand from a team of stylists that we could only dream of!). In celebration of Mother’s Day, below, I’m sharing 10 celebrity moms who have the chicest style. Whether they’re stepping out on the red carpet or taking their kids out for ice cream, their fashion-forward outfits never fail to inspire and uplift.